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As part of the international Polystar Group, we at Mibastar know the global packaging trends. Because anticipating the really important developments years in advance is part of our self-image and our success.Whether we are in a boom phase or a situation of restrained consumption - one trend has long since become established: that the sustainability of a packaging has a positive effect on the image of the packaged product - and consumers are also prepared to pay a premium for this.In many regions of the world, the regulatory hurdles for packaging are also becoming higher: the EU is tightening the screws and wants to massively increase recycling quotas, and individual European countries are also planning ever stricter packaging laws.We want to make our contribution to ensuring that retailers and food producers already have a future-proof packaging system at hand today.With our innovation ImpaQ, we are anticipating the regulatory tightening of the next few years and the ever-increasing demands of consumers for sustainability.ImpaQ. Packaging that makes a difference. For consumers and for you.//

Packaging for the post-fossil age

ImpaQ is a paper-based packaging for the food industry. We dare to say: soon it will be standard. Find out why.

Why retailers need ImpaQ fibre-based packaging.

The plastic era is coming to an end. More and more countries are imposing high disposal fees on plastic. More and more consumers want plastic-free packaging. The ImpaQ cellulose-based packaging offers an ideal alternative to foiled or laminated solutions: with at least the same good durability values, a much better image and problem-free, climate-friendly recycling via existing waste paper collection systems. It can also be a sales booster: studies show that sustainable packaging in the food trade can increase sales by up to 13 per cent.

How food producers can benefit from ImpaQ.

The phasing out of fossil resources means that food producers will have to successively replace plastic as a packaging material - also due to increasingly stringent legal regulations. In the future, common packaging should be renewable and replenishable. Food producers therefore benefit in several ways from switching to ImpaQ cellulose-based packaging: they are already preparing themselves for future legal requirements, they can continue to produce on the thermoforming machines customary in the industry and they position their product as green and sustainable.

How we produce.

Mibastar has a big mission: to produce the most climate-friendly food packaging ever. That's why we only use fibre-based material that is one hundred percent sourced from sustainable forestry. That's why we print our packaging with environmentally friendly ink. That's why our packaging is as light and therefore cost-saving as possible. That's why we only use barriers for product protection that do not hinder the recycling of the packaging. The shelf-life data we achieve in this way can still easily compete with those of conventional packaging. Often they are even better.

Who we are.

We are enthusiasts. We love packaging and we want to design food packaging that makes everyone who cares about the future of this planet happy: our customers, their customers and of course ourselves. That's why at Mibastar we focus on fibre-based materials - because, unlike plastic, they can be easily recycled through existing waste paper collection systems.
We want to make packaging that offers manufacturers and retailers the best possible product protection and presentation at the POS. Which is why we adapt every solution individually to the customer's wishes. Or, if necessary, develop completely new ones.
Because as part of the international Polystar Group, Mibastar is not only a reliable supplier, but also a development centre for packaging solutions that we need today for tomorrow.

What consumers get from ImpaQ.

A good conscience and convenience - these are the two decisive assets that retailers can offer their customers with ImpaQ. Convenience, because the ImpaQ packaging made of cellulose can easily be disposed of via the waste paper collection. A clear conscience, because the overwhelming majority of consumers would like to act in a climate-friendly and environmentally conscious way, but often do not get the chance to do so in reality. For example, because many products are packaged in such a way that meaningful recycling is impossible. Impaq also solves this problem.

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